visual effects

Client: Prairie Dog Film + Television 
Gripping, relevant and thought provoking we are proud to provide the VFX for this 100% made in Alberta crime drama.
META Ransom Drum Labs
Client: Meta
Agency: Angle Media Group
Part of an international campaign Meta ran, using local agencies in multiple countries, in order to promote Instagram stories as a way to support small businesses by increased social media exposure.
Enmax - Floating Man
Client: Enmax
Production Co: Joe Media Group
We made a man float. For real. Or wait, was it?
Parallel Minds
Client: Red Eye Productions Inc.
Cinematically beautiful, the sci-fi story of ‘Red Eye’ technology was a great opportunity for us to create fluid effects, holograms and red eyed monsters.
The Order
Client: Netflix
Vengeance, family secrets, werewolves, dark magic = VFX. Tree root feet, glowing eyes, and knives. Lots of knives.
Heartland - Aurora Borealis
Client: SEVEN24 Films & Dynamo Films
It is rare that the northern lights will show up on the day you need them. Here we created complete CG versions to help the moment in this Heartland season 9 finale.
Van Helsing - Microscopic Blood
Client: Nomadic Pictures
3D Animation of the ‘unique’ properties of Vanessa Van Helsing blood for a microscopic view in season 1 of the Syfy series.
Client: Liberation Pictures
Mercenaries, aliens, glowing orbs - a perfect sci-fi mix. CG illuminated wall symbols, energy orb and particles, added blood spatter and set extensions in addition to a CG cave collapse required many skills in our arsenal. Result was a fun thriller shot in Alberta with Alberta post audio and vfx. On set vfx supervision by SG.
Hell on Wheels
Client: Nomadic Pictures 
VFX enhancement to spectacular scenery and harsh climate plus hanging men - the final season of AMC’s original series continued to enthrall audiences.
Client: Clear Motive Marketing Group Producer: Joe Media Group 
Shot in Toronto in the winter, the entire exterior view is CG.
Client: SEVEN24 Films & Dynamo Films 
Heartland's Season 7 premiere opens with a dramatic shot of a 747 flying in a fierce thunderstorm and proceeds to the interior, showing the effects of the storm on the equine occupant. Check out this shot breakdown showing what we created with CG. Thanks to the entire team at Rescued Horse.
Client: Mobil 1/ MacLaren McCann 
Added motion to a still photo to bring the Mobil 1 commercial tag to life.
heartland Reel
Client: SEVEN24 Films & Dynamo Films 
Before & after samples of the vfx work for Heartland. Earth, wind, and fire pretty much sums it up.
No Competition
Client: Bayer Crop Science / MacLaren McCann Calgary 
Ripe canola fields...with a baseball October. We delivered seamless integration of CG and footage to promote Bayer CropScience’s InVigor product, the #1 performing canola hybrid.
Based on the graphic novel by Greg Jeffs and RP Broad 
Oh, what can we say - worm’s in faces, post-apocalyptic worlds, tough as nails heroine - this one has it all... Compositing and VFX by Solid Green, Matte painting: RP Broad.
Toyota - Roomy
Client: Toyota / Venture Communications 
Shot in studio, this VFX piece achieved specific, inclement weather without relying on uncooperative nature.
Client: Ourselves 
Shot this ourselves and transformed the urban environment with graphics and VFX. Thanks to Propeller Studios for awesome sound!
Just Not Invincible
Client: J.U.S.T. - / Wonder Communications 
Cast and crew had a great time working with this amazing, practical creature, despite the bone chilling cold and 2 feet of snow. Electrical explosions, spark showers and current fields to the moment of contact as well as lasers beams, muzzle flashes, window reflections and nose smoke all added CG. The 'aged' treatment and the transition and supers at the end were additional graphic elements.
Shaw - Connections
Client: Shaw Communications Inc. 
A photorealistic fall to earth, transitioning into an office building, for Shaw’s Business Solutions division. Additional effects were needed to create a transition which symbolized the extensive reach of their fibre network and lastly, to create the dawning of a new day for the last scene.
Infinity - Out of this World
Client: Bayer Crop Science / Ad Farm 
A completely CG environment was created, animated and then composited with green screen footage of the astronaut. The reflection in the astronauts helmet is also CG.
Toyota Extreme Makeover
Client: Toyota / Venture Communications 
Combined 3 plates shot at different times of day. The first plate is of the truck crashing through the house. The second plate (shot 3 hours later) is of the house collapsing. The third plate is the door falling over. The three plates were then colour corrected and additional layers of dust and debris were added.
Toyota - Garage Door
Client: Toyota / Venture Communications 
Garage door mural is completely CG. Digital clean up also completed on foliage, sidewalk and sky.
Toyota - Sticker
Client: Toyota / Venture Communications 
Created a CG version of the window sticker character and animated him peeing his pants in fear.
Travel Alberta Building Projection
Client: Travel Alberta / Venture Communications 
We composited multiple shot plates to create this 5 minute, looping, dual building, projection. This sample is a CG re-creation of what the audience saw at projections in New York, Los Angeles and Long Beach, California.
U of C Carbon Capture
Client: University of Calgary / Scout Communications / Just Me Productions 
The challenge here was to get the smoke back into the canister. Solution - reverse the footage. But reversing the footage created the problem of Dr. Keith talking backwards too. To solve this, footage of him talking was composited with the reversed footage of his torso and the smoke.
Client: WCLC / Venture Communications 
In order to show the progression of time, home, sky and CG trees were digitally altered scene to scene. The CG rotating envelope, floating mailbox and transporter effect all add to the look of the future. Ticket animation provides final product identification.
Hot DoG
Client: WCLC / Venture Communications 
To enable the amateur competitor to inhale a plate of hot dogs, we used VFX to have them swallowed instantly. Digital clean up and ticket animation also provided by Solid Green.